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Yvonne Gilan at Imperial College (photograph © Vicki Couchman 2012)

Yvonne Gilan at Imperial College (photograph © Vicki Couchman 2012)

“I am evangelical about the need for everyone to find their natural voice and in my experience, women in particular are hungry for a programme designed to help them speak their mind comfortably, confidently and effectively.”

Yvonne Gilan has pioneered the use of the arts – especially theatre – in management training and was one the first in this country to offer experiential learning as the means of ensuring greater assimilation and enjoyment for participants. Specialising in working with female voices, believing that women in business need specific coaching in effective voice production and leadership skills.

Yvonne was the first to marry the disciplines of theatre with the demands of the boardroom.

Preparation is as necessary for a successful presentation as it is for running the Marathon

We exercise our bodies….when did you last exercise your voice?

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint

Your voice can sound like a lullaby or a call to arms.

Breath is the fuel of life which drives your voice.

Breathe life into your presentation with

  • Breathing exercises
  • Warm-up exercise
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Voice exercises

The best speaker support isn’t another slide, it’s another BREATH.

Your aim is to be Comfortable Calm Convincing in Control and on occasion Charismatic…


Photograph: Yvonne Gilan at Imperial College: © Vicki Couchman 2012.