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Education Festival Sunday round-up

All the most biggest events and sharpest opinions from the second day at The Sunday Times Education Festival in Berkshire

Jack Grimston and Kate Loveys. Published in The Sunday Times: 24 June 2012

Women need to command the room

Women’s voices regress back into infancy after puberty, Yvonne Gilan, a speaking coach, said in a workshop session, writes Erica Buist.

Gilan, a former actress and founder of the consultancy Voicecraft, held a women-only meeting that encouraged girls and women to “command the room” with their voices and stances.

“Women’s voices lower around age 9, yet as we grow up instead of developing, we go back to our childhood voices. And its encouraged,” said Gilan, who is also the mother of AA Gill, the Sunday Times columnist.

Gilan also drew distinctions between the sexes when it comes to stance. She said: “Men stand balanced. Women tend to lean on one leg, or put their feet close together – or worst of all, wear high heels. They’re easy to topple.”

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