“We have to build a technique which keeps anxiety at bay while encouraging and challenging the energy and power needed to put across our thoughts, arguments, ideas and the way we feel about them. The first brick is breath”

A single Voicecraft session with Yvonne will help you…

  • Recognise the power and flexibility of your voice
  • Unlock your potential for confident performance
  • Conquer your fears and deal with nerves
  • Manage body language and develop presence
  • Bring warmth and expression to your story
  • Identify key messages and deliver them with energy
  • Communicate confidently and effectively

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Your VOICECRAFT session will be unique to you. Yvonne will discuss your concerns and objectives, encourage your personal style to develop and offer entertaining solutions for lasting improvement.


Photograph: Yvonne Gilan at Imperial College: © Vicki Couchman 2012.